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Mar 27

Ifrah Law’s Blog Wrap-Up, March 9-23

This is the fourth of a regular series of posts that summarize and wrap up our latest thoughts that have appeared recently on Ifrah Law’s blogs.

1. Proposed Gaming Bill Could Make Nevada First to Legalize Online Poker

Nevada, long an innovator in the gambling arena, may soon take another major step by becoming the first state to legalize online poker. We discuss the state’s importance in the gaming world, the chances of passage of the bill, and the groups that stand to benefit.

Read the full post here on the Crime in the Suites blog.

2. Brady Violation Leads to Reversal of Conviction in D.C.

When it comes to Brady violations, sometimes late is no better than never, it seems, as the D.C. Court of Appeals reverses a conviction for assault with intent to commit murder. We explain what information the prosecutors withheld and why it was important.

Read the full post here on the Crime in the Suites blog.

3. ‘Taking the Fifth’ Before Congress: A New Ethics Twist

It’s unethical for a prosecutor to put a witness on the stand with knowledge that the witness will exercise the privilege against self-incrimination. We look into a new D.C. Bar ethics opinion that gives a novel answer to the question of doing the same thing before a congressional committee.

Read the full post here on the Crime in the Suites blog.

4. Is FTC Action Needed Against Pricey Apps?

It’s true that children shouldn’t be buying expensive Smurfberries and other online goodies for their apps with real money (on Mom or Dad’s credit card). The FTC has been asked to take action. We discuss whether the agency is the right place to turn, or perhaps Mom and Dad are.

Read the full post here on the FTC Beat blog.

5. Does Google Need to Police Its Ads for Fraud?

There are unscrupulous merchants out there on the Internet. Does Google need to look into every advertiser before accepting its money? A consumer group’s letter to the FTC has awakened interest in this issue.

Read the full post here on the FTC Beat blog.

6. Online Sellers Need to Beware of State Attorneys General

A Philadelphia online electronics store is the target of Pennsylvania’s attorney general for alleged bait-and-switch practices. But it’s not just the state of origin that can target an online seller.

Read the full post here on the FTC Beat blog.

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